Nuppun Institute for Economic Research (NUPPUN) is established with a desire to build a quantitative framework for business and economic analyses. We are bringing a team of Cambodian professionals with extensive experience in doing research and analytical works for the Cambodian government, international development agencies, and international and local businesses. Our team has a diverse background, but with common belief that numbers could reveal more in-depth stories and could assist businessmen and policy makers in making informed decisions.

about-nuppunNuppun’s mission is to assist businessmen and policy makers in the process of making informed decisions.

Nuppun’s vision is to become a preferred partner in research and analysis for business and economic decisions.

We firmly believe in the potentials and bright future of Cambodia. Within our team, we believe in our strong commitment and team work toward delivering highest quality services. In our business, we value creativity, friendship and relationship. We treat all partners equally.

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